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Royal Quarters

The Royal Quarters

The Royal Quarters are an Act I zone introduced in patch 2.4 of Diablo III. These are the personal living quarters of King Leoric, his retinue, and family.



BlizzCon 2015 presentation

Royal Quarters only appear in Adventure Mode, and can be found by taking the right turn on the main stairs of Leoric's Manor (prior to patch and in Campaign, it was obstructed with rubble, but cultists of the Coven have cleared it since).

The Quarters are heavily infested with Skeletons, all of whom are Leoric's former court: from servants and bodyguards to sorcerers and jesters.

Queen Asylla's ghost will calmly and silently guide players through the Quarters. Following her into bedroom and through the wall reveals a secret room with Lachdanan's Stormshield.


The Library contains a tome of Set Dungeon location lore. One can only access it if wearing a full class set.


Each of the Skeleton types below can be encountered in Monstrous variant, with greatly empowered damage and Life. However, Monstrous skeletons are much less common than normal ones. There is a high (but not guaranteed) chance to encounter one or more unique skeletons, one of which can be nominated a bounty.