Not to be confused with That Which Must Not be Named
Royal Calf icon

Royal Calf is a pet available in Diablo III for those who complete the Anniversary Dungeon. It will pick up gold for the player while it is equipped.

This young creature has a regal air, as though he holds some special place within his herd. Who knows what they would do if he went missing...

Method of obtainingEdit

Obtaining this pet naturally follows crafting a Wirt's Leg. Instead of the usual Forgotten Soul, salvaging a Wirt's Leg yields a Map of the Stars, reading the sequence '2-1-3'. Head back to Adria's Hut in the event area, and note the cow corpses outside. Click them in the described sequence, or more specifically: middle, left, right. This triggers the Abandoned Farmstead entrance to the right; a small area whose only notable feature is the "Wirt's Stash" chest in the middle. It contains the Royal Calf pet and some gold.

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