Rogue Encampment Map

Rogue Encampment map

The Rogue Encampment is the location your character start Act I in as you begin your goal at attempting to catch up with Diablo, before he frees his brothers and Hell is unleashed on Sanctuary as the Prophecy foretells.

The Rogue Encampment is a makeshift fortress located right next to the Blood Moor. The Rogue Encampment, as its name designates, is the camp set up by the survivors of the battle at the Rogue Monastery. The Rogue Monastery was attacked by the forces of Hell in an effort by Diablo to create a stronghold on Sanctuary against the forces of Heaven, and destroy opposing mortals, as the Sisters of the Sightless Eye had.

Many rogues died or were corrupted by the evil and started roaming the countryside along with other tainted creatures and demons. Such rogues include Bloodraven (the rogue hero from Diablo I), Coldcrow, and Andariel (who took over the body of a rogue and transformed).

Outside the encampment there is a vacated house and stable.


Of the survivors of the battle at the monastery, fortunately many of the crucial members of the monastery operations survived, including:

  • Akara: Rogue Priestess, leader of the rogues.
  • Charsi: The blacksmith in the camp.
  • Flavie: One of the elite scouts.
  • Kashya: Leader of the Rogue army.

A few other helpful travelers also live in the camp:

  • Warriv: Helps the hero and takes the hero west to Lut Gholein.
  • Gheed: A gambler who is also a merchant.
  • Deckard Cain: After the hero, or the Rogues, save Cain from Tristram, he resides in the camp during the hero's stay.




The camp has a moderate defense. The camp is a makeshift camp surrounded by a small stream and enclosed within are tents, wagons and animals. The camp is surrounded by a protective wooden fence and guards are positioned at all entrances. This fence is made of logs which have been sharpened at one end. The logs that were used to make the fence can be seen in a cart in town. The livestock inside the town are cows and chickens. A decent contingent of rogue troops resides within, numbering six not including Kashya.


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