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"The Rogue is an adaptable, agile warrior who can specialize in ranged or close quarters combat. She can best any foe with her imbued weapons, perform powerful combo attacks, and can augment her arsenal with deadly poisons and shadow magic to slay demons with impunity."

Class description(src)

The Rogue

The Rogue is the fourth confirmed class in Diablo IV, revealed at BlizzConline.


Rogues can alternate between ranged weapons (bows/crossbows) and melee weapons (daggers/swords).[1] Just like the Barbarian's Arsenal system, they can alternate between these weapon categories, therefore, there is no locking out of skill options by picking a specific weapon choice. A skill's stats will depend on the appropriate weapons' stats: i.e. ranged skills will be calculated using ranged weapons. Another pillar of the class is mobility, which can be used for assault, quick repositioning, or to retreat.

Rogues combine aspects of the original Rogue, the Amazon, Assassin and Demon Hunter.[2][3]

Talent Specializations

The Rogue has three different specializations: Combo Points, Exploit Weakness, and Shadow Realm. Each one is tied to a world-Rogue group and requires accomplishing a Rogue-specific quest to unlock. These three groups include the remnants of the Sisterhood of the Sightless Eye, the mercenaries of Kehjistan, and the outlaw smugglers of Hawezar.[1]

Imbue System

The Imbue system can modify the damage type of multiple skills with either Cold, Poison, or Shadow damage, as well as it adds secondary effects depending on type.

Rogues can lace their weapons with cursed oils, applying Shadow damage to them and cursing enemies hit by them.[4] Enemies that die while being cursed explode, which inflict a large amount of damage to nearby targets[3] and can be an effective screen clear if a player can maintain the AoE momentum.[4] Just like the Sorceress, they are also capable of applying Chill effects with Cold attacks that builds up to a full Freeze over time.


The Rogue was designed to fill the Dexterity role in Diablo IV. To this end, the developers looked at the "godfather" of the archtype, namely the Rogue from Diablo I.[1]





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