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D1 Rogue Portrait

Rogue portrait

The Rogue is one of the classes of Diablo I.


The Rogue's Strength and Magic attributes are intermediate between the Warrior and the Sorcerer, but with a Vitality being a bit lower than that of a Warrior and on par with a Sorcerer's, however her Dexterity is much higher than that of the aforementioned two classes. She is the only character class who can use Bows effectively, since the other two classes lack the dexterity needed for higher Bow Damage and To Hit percentage and are innately slow at firing Missiles. The quantity of Arrows is infinite which means that they will never take an end until the bow itself breaks down, unless it is an Indestructible one, and it is of great advantage for her, especially since she uses bows frequently, if she's not up for a Shield-and-Sword setup, that is. The Rogue's strength is mostly used for wearing heavy Plate Armor, since her damage comes as most from her Dexterity, nevertheless Strength combined with the formerly mentioned attribute from equipment gives her quite of an increase in damage.

Rogues are not as effective in team games, since allies can cause damage to one another even with Player Friendly set on. For example; if a Warrior is attacking, then the Rogue has to accurately target the monster to avoid hitting the Warrior. The only saving grace a Warrior has from accidental damage is his Shield; since there is not a hard cap on Blocking, if he were to have enough Dexterity he would be able to block the most of a Rogue's arrows, if not every arrow she fires as long as he is immobile.

Beginning Stats
Strength 20
Magic 15
Dexterity 30
Vitality 20
Health 45
Mana 22
Health / Level +2
Health / Vitality +1.5¹
Mana / Level +2²
Mana / Magic +1.5¹

¹This is rounded down. In addition, Diablo has a calculation oversight wherein rounding down is done individually for each separate source of vitality, so while magic items will give the full 1.5 life per vitality and/or mana per magic, the player will only receive 1 health or mana per stat point allocated to magic or vitality.

² There is a bug that causes rogues to gain 3 mana instead of 2 when reaching the 33rd level

Maximum Stats
Strength 55
Magic 70
Dexterity 250
Vitality 80
Life 203³
Mana 173³

³These are what the values theoretically should be according to the rest of the numbers in these tables. Real results will differ due to bugs, Shrines, etc.

Skills and Equipment[]

D1 rogue base attributes

Start Attributes

D1 rogue max stats

End Attributes

The Rogue is the only character who receives a damage bonus from Dexterity. Her initial Skill is Trap Disarm.

Rogues cannot wear the heaviest Body Armor like the Full Plate Mail without strength boni from magic items. Her Magic is often used for Spells such as Stone Curse and Teleport. Stone Curse is particularly effective at keeping enemies at a distance during combat, while Teleport is used as a means to escape.



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