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For the class from Diablo I, see Rogue (Diablo I).
For the class from Diablo IV, see Rogue (Diablo IV).

A Rogue

Rogues are a type of bow-user in Sanctuary.


Although not as powerful in close combat as Warriors, Rogues are undisputed masters of the bow. The innate sixth sense that all Rogues seem to possess also allows them to sense trapped fixtures, and aids them in attempts to disarm these traps.[1] Rogue philosophy states that money is neither good nor evil.[2]

During the Darkening of Tristram, the term "Rogue" was synonymous with the Sisterhood of the Sightless Eye.[1] By the Great Enmity, other Rogue groups also existed, such as Kehjistan mercenaries and Hawezar smugglers.[3] Most Rogues wear subtle trappings, with the Jinkai Oni being an exception.[4]


Diablo I[]

Main article: Rogue (Diablo I)

The Rogue is one of the three main classes in Diablo I.

Diablo II[]


The Rogue in Diablo II

Rogue Archers appear as the Act I Hirelings of Diablo II, and carry with them a bow (with an infinite amount of arrows, just like the Rogue from Diablo I). These female archers are able to utilize the Skills Fire Arrow or Ice Arrow and also able to use the Skill Inner Sight to target foes more accurately. They may equip only Bows, Body Armor and Helms.

To be able to hire one of the Rogues, the player must first complete the quest "Sisters' Burial Grounds", given by Kashya. It involves killing Blood Raven, the Rogue character of Diablo I. Once this task has been completed, Kashya will express her gratitude towards the player and lend them one of her Rogues. Alternatively, the player can hire rogues from Kashya upon reaching level 9.

Note that Rogues are not able to use Amazon-Only Bows nor can they use any type of Crossbow.


  • In early versions of Diablo II there were Wandering Rogues on various outdoors levels of Act I who fought monsters, just like Flavie,
  • There is a Running animation in the game files that they used in v1.00,
  • There are unused rogue graphics for Chainmail, Steel Helmet and Pauldrons,
  • In montype.txt from beta there is character using Rogue graphics named: Forest Fairy.

Diablo Immortal[]


A Rogue in Diablo Immortal

Rogues appear as enemies in Diablo Immortal via the Bloodsworn Archers, which are alternatively referred to as "Bloodsworn Rogues." Friendly Rogue NPCs appear in certain plot-relevant events where they will aid the player, albeit doing only minimal damage to enemies. These Rogues fight the enemy with both bows and swords.

Diablo IV[]

Main article: Rogue (Diablo IV)

The Rogue returns as a playable class in Diablo IV.

Known Rogues[]

D1 Rogue Portrait

A Rogue