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Rocky Waste
Act Act II
Quests None
Monsters Dung Soldier, Sand Leaper, Carrion Bird, Huntress, Slinger
Adjacent Zones Lut Gholein, Dry Hills
Area Level Normal 14
Area Level Nightmare 43
Area Level Hell 75
Waypoint No

Rocky Waste is the area adjacent to Lut Gholein. A narrow road leads farther into the Dry Hills. Somewhere in the area is an entrance to The Stony Tomb - an optional dungeon.

The remains of colossal statues can be found throughout the desert, along with the bones of unnaturally huge creatures. The origin of both the statues and skeletons are unknown.

The desert ground is cluttered with bones and ancient artifacts.


This section contains facts and trivia relevant to this article.
  • Some of the statues depict sitting persons with their head missing; this might be a reference to the Egyptian temple of Karnak
  • Some of the statues are gigantic heads; this might be a reference to the statues on top of mount Nemrut in Turkey