Vengeance Rockets clearly visible

"How should I know who first invented these devices? Just make sure the correct end is pointed at the enemy and they'll do the rest."


Rockets are a special part of Demon Hunter class skill mechanics in Diablo III. Certain skills release homing missiles that seek a random target nearby, hitting it for X% damage (mostly as Fire or Physical). These missiles are independent and have lower Proc Coefficient than the original skill. While they are called rockets (and are devices lore-wise, made by human hands, yet of unknown origin), they appear as tendrils of shadowy flame, bursting with black smoke on impact.

Note that even though rockets are homing, they are released in a specific direction, and must home at enemy in that direction. If there are no enemies within roughly 90 degrees arc, the rocket is discarded. In return, they do not have minimum and sometimes even maximum range. Rockets do not count as missiles, and can bypass most types of obstacles.

Ballistics passive skill doubles damage done by all types of Rockets.

Skills that can fire Rockets:Edit

  • Rapid Fire (Fire Support), two per tick, 145% damage as Physical
  • Sentry (Spitfire Turret), one per shot, 120% damage as Fire
  • Strafe (Rocket Storm), one per tick, 130% damage as Fire
  • Multishot (Arsenal), three per shot, 300% damage as Fire
  • Cluster Arrow (Shooting Stars / Maelstrom), up to two / three per blast, 600% / 450% damage as Physical / Cold
  • Vengeance (Dark Heart / Seethe), two per attack, 80% damage as Physical
  • Ballistics, 20% chance on each attack, 150% damage as Physical

Items that can fire Rockets:Edit

  • Blackfeather, one per ranged damaging hit taken, 600-800% damage as Physical, 10 seconds cooldown
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