For the Diablo III enemy type, see Rockworm (Diablo III).

Rock Worms are improved versions of Sand Maggots. They are usually found in Maggot Lair in Act 2. Similar to relatives, the Rock Worm deals poison damage by spurting oozy venom from its mouth and melee damage with its thorned jaws. It can also burrow quickly to avoid getting killed or to do a sneak attack while re-surfacing.

Rock Worms lay Rock Worm Eggs from where Rock Worm Youngs hatch in time.

An adept hero can quickly obliterate a pack of Rock Worms when using elemental and melee skills. However, ranged weapons might do less damage by ricocheting from bug's solid carapace.

In hell difficulty they are immune to poison.

Rock Worm (Diablo II)

A Rock Worm.

Sand Maggot
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