Ring of Fire

Requires: 27 Magic
Cost: 28 Mana (-2 per Spell Level, minimum 16)

Surrounds the caster with walls of flame.

Damage Type: Fire

Ring of Fire (a.k.a. Fire Ring) is a Fire spell in Diablo I: Hellfire.

General InformationEdit

Ring of Fire casts a circular Fire Wall all around the player. It does the same damage and has the same duration as Firewall, but there are gaps in the circle that monsters will enter through, and casting Ring of Fire when next to a wall will waste any flames that cannot be placed.

Players will take damage from their own Rings of Fire, with that damage treated as though it had been inflicted by a trap.

The flame does a damage check every .05 seconds for a total of 160 + 160 x Spell Level times.

Damage Calculation:

  • Min. Damage: 4 + 2 x Character Level
  • Max. Damage: 40 + 2 x Character Level
  • Real Damage per tick: (Random[1-10] + Random[1-10] + Character Level + 2)/8
  • Duration: 12 + 8 x Spell Level in Hellfire
  • Number of flames: 22


Diablo 1 Hellfire spells Ring of Fire (by Blessed)

Diablo 1 Hellfire spells Ring of Fire (by Blessed)

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