For this item's Diablo I stats, see Ring Mail (Diablo I).

Ring Mail is a type of body armor in Diablo II. Ring Mail is the earliest type of medium armor in the game (slowing the wearer by 5% and increasing stamina drain rate by 5%), and the first armor available to the players that can have three open sockets. While the Ring Mail can be found commonly in Act 2 and sold for a fairly worthy price, it is somewhat rare in Act 1.

Stats Edit

  • Defense: 45 - 48
  • Level Requirement: None
  • Strength Requirement: 36
  • Durability: 26
  • Maximum number of sockets: 3
  • Armor type: Medium
  • Quality Level: 11

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  • Ring mail is somewhat similar to chain mail in look, but it is constructed by attaching the rings directly to a cloth or leather backing as opposed to each other. This makes it lighter, but less effective because the resulting meshing is not as tight as chain mail.
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