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Rimeheart is a legendary sword in Diablo III, one of the five Quinblades. It requires character level 31 to drop.

Prior to patch 2.1, the huge damage bonus was instead an instant kill, regardless of Life, but was tuned down for balancing reasons. Moreover, it only worked on lesser enemies (not on elites).

As of patch 2.1, it works on any enemy, unless they are immune to Freeze, and moreover, it does not matter how the monster suffered its freezing ailment: even the Freezing Gates from the Pandemonium Fortress will do the trick. The chance is also reduced by the proc coefficient of each specific attack. Note that attacks that apply Freeze effects do not trigger Rimeheart special affix; only the subsequent attacks will do it.

Stats (Level 31)[]


Legendary Sword

  • 88.9–100.8 Damage Per Second
    • (49–56)–(78–88) Damage
    • 1.40 Attacks Per Second
  • +(32–39)–(39–49) Cold Damage
  • One of 3 Magic Properties (varies):
  • +2 Random Primary Magic Properties
  • +1 Random Secondary Magic Property
  • 20% chance to instantly deal 10000% damage as Cold to enemies that are Frozen

The Quinblades are the only surviving weapons forged by master swordsmith Morad Peerse, each a unique expression of his craft. Made during Peerse's Low Period, which followed the loss of his family, Rimeheart, with the blistering chill it radiates and its cold-forged iron blade, reflects both the hardening of its creator in the wake of tragedy and his consummate skill.