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Revive is a skill used by monsters to resurrect slain minions. These include Fallen Shamans (raises Fallen), Greater Mummies (raises lesser Undead) and Fetish Shamans (raises Fetish). The revived monster does not give any experience or loot when killed.

Certain Super Unique Monsters can also use revive, to more of an effect. For example: Bishibosh (a Unique Fallen Shaman) can revive normal Fallen Shamans as well as Fallen minions.


There doesn't seem to be a limit to how many deaths a monster can suffer before it can't be revived anymore. To counter this, it seems you have to either slay as many monsters in your way and then kill the monster reviving them, lead the monsters away to kill them and then come back to kill the monster reviving them, or destroy the corpses with a spell or item. Some items and spells that can be used to counter Revive include Nature's Peace (and other Slain Monsters Rest in Peace artifacts), various Necromancer spells, the Barbarian's Find Potion and Find Item spells, and the Paladin's Redemption spell. Cold spells can also be used to destroy corpses by either killing the monster while it is chilled or killing a monster while it is frozen.

Diablo II: Lord Of DestructionEdit

No new monsters were introduced in Diablo II: Lord of Destruction that have this spell. However, Act V does feature monsters that can revive only on Nightmare and Hell difficulty as well as a new kind of Undead monster in Act V, called the Reanimated Horde, that is occasionally capable of restoring itself to undeath. Unlike the resurrection provided by other reviving monsters, the reborn Reanimated Horde creature gives experience and loot upon death.

Diablo IIIEdit

Fallen Shamans return with this skill. Flesh Shamans have a similar ability to raise fallen Flesh Gorgers. However, summoning new minions is far more common than raising the fallen ones.

This ability is easier to counter in the third game, as any Critical Hit that kills a monster will also destroy their corpse (with the exceptions of corpses that provide a special effect on death, like explosion or creating new lesser monsters).

Slain Monsters Rest in Peace is weaker in this game, due to most such effects not functioning on Torment difficulty.

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