For the Necromancer skill, see Revive.
For the Event in Diablo III, see Resurrection.


Brings a deceased ally back to life.

Damage Type: Magic

Resurrect (a.k.a. Resurrection) is a spell in Diablo I. It can only be obtained in multiplayer, and cannot be used in single player game. Also, it cannot be learned from books.

General Information

Resurrect can only be found in form of scrolls and staves (no Magic requirement), and will bring a killed player to life when their corpse is targeted. Still, however, all of their inventory items will be dropped on the ground, and they will only be revived with 10 Life and 0 Mana. As such, it is of little use in combat.


During the assault upon Mephisto’s Fortress of Bone, the army led by the Horadrim was nearly overwhelmed by the legions of the damned. As soon as one of the crusaders was slain in combat, his body would rise again as an undead warrior to fight against his former companions. On the eve of what was to be the final attack upon the Fortress, a mysterious figure in white appeared before the Council of the Horadrim. This apparition revealed to them the secret of piercing the barrier between Life and Death. By Resurrecting the slain soldiers, they could be saved from eternal corruption. Those present at the Council swore an oath never to use this ability once the battle was over, but somehow the secret escaped. This spell has the power to bring a dead soul back to the physical world, but it must be performed at the site of the person’s death.



Diablo 1 spells - Resurrect (by Decimius)

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