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"My concerns have turned to my men taken prisoner on the battlefield by Baal's demons. I hate to think what's happened to them." - Qual-Kehk

Rescue on Mount Arreat is the second quest of Act V. It is initiated by talking to Qual-Kehk after Siege on Harrogath (Quest) has been completed, or after the player enters the Frigid Highlands for the first time.

Qual-Kehk tasks the player with freeing his men, whom were captured by Baal's army and imprisoned within holding pens. The player needs to free 15 Barbarian Warriors. The quest is completed by talking to Qual-Kehk afterwards, who will reward the player with three Runes.

Tips and additional informationEdit

Look for three pens in the Frigid Highlands; they should appear as white squares on the minimap. The pens appear as wooden palisades with several (five) soldiers trapped inside; these can be heard saying "Over here!" and "Let us out!". Once you destroy the door to the pens, a portal will open to lead the prisoners to safety. The prisoners can be killed, so be careful. A minimum of prisoners need to be rescued alive, but most people should be able to rescue all of them. Once the player meets the quotum, the quest notification Notification should pop up and the player character can be heard saying "Follow me". This usually happens after the player opens the third pen.

Qual-Kehk rewards the player with three runes: Ral, Ort and Tal. When combined into a socketed shield they form the Ancient's Pledge Rune Word, bestowing additional bonuses to the item.


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  • Qual-Kehk hints on how the player should use the runes as he clearly says he was saving them for a socketed shield.
  • If a pen door is destroyed by a barbarian NPC, the game will not register the pen as opened or the barbarians as saved, eventhough they escape through a portal, rendering the quest uncompletable unless the player quits and re-enters the game.

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