The Replenish Life magical attribute allows a character's life to be slowly refilled over time. Unlike mana, which is based on maximum mana, Replenish Life is a set value.

The formula for how much life is actually replenished is as follows (where "N" = Replenish Life value):

(25 * N) / 256 = Life Gained Per Second

This comes out to being fairly close to .1 (.09765625 to be exact) life per second for every Replenish Life, or N life every 10 seconds. To name examples of this (hypothetical for most, as they are legitimately impossible), if a Barbarian wanted potion-like healing all the time, he would need approximately Replenish Life +120 for the effectiveness of a Minor Healing Potion, +240 for Light, +400 for Regular, +720 for Greater, and +1,280 for Super, assuming none of those were critical heals.

Part of why this was difficult to stack was the general rarity of items using this effect. The easiest source was to socket Helms or Body Armor with Skulls.

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