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The Relic of Akarat is a legendary Templar Relic in Diablo III. It only drops at character level 61 or later, and only on Torment difficulty.

When equipped on the Templar, he is allowed to use all eight of his skills, so there is no need to choose which do you prefer. However, unlike other followers who generally do not get into combat, Kormac is actually drawing enemy blows to himself, making the Enchanting Favor a potentially preferable choice for him.

Stats (Level 61)[]

Spear Fragment

Relic of Akarat
Legendary Templar Relic


  • Equip on Follower: Gain access to all skills
  • +5 Random Magic Properties

This fingerbone is reputed to be that of none other than the founder of the Zakarum faith.


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  • Despite the item appearing as a blade shard, the description claims it to be a bone.