RelentlessAssault Relentless Assault
The Monk deals 20% more damage with all attacks against enemies who are Blind, Frozen or Stunned.

"Vylnas refused to fall, despite his mortal wounds. The last of the Five Monks, he would not let his brothers' sacrifice be in vain; his determination turned the tide of the war, eventually leading to the full withdrawal of Entsteig's forces from the field of battle." — Poldamyr's Chronicle of the War of Thorns

Determination is a Monk passive skill, unlocked at level 30. It was added in Patch 2.1.

Primary Skills
Fists of ThunderDeadly ReachCrippling WaveWay of the Hundred Fists

Secondary Skills
Lashing Tail KickTempest RushWave of Light
Defensive Skills
Blinding FlashBreath of HeavenSerenityInner Sanctuary
Dashing StrikeExploding PalmSweeping Wind
Cyclone StrikeSeven-Sided StrikeMystic AllyEpiphany
Mantra of SalvationMantra of RetributionMantra of HealingMantra of Conviction
Passive Skills
ResolveFleet FootedExalted SoulTranscendenceChant of ResonanceSeize the Initiative
The Guardian's PathSixth SenseDeterminationRelentless AssaultBeacon of YtarAlacrity
HarmonyCombination StrikeNear Death ExperienceUnityMomentumMythic Rhythm
Guiding LightMantra of EvasionOne with EverythingPacificismProvocation

Impenetrable DefenseRadiant Visage
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