Requires: 30 Magic
Active / Passive
Cost: 35 Mana (-3 per Spell Level, minimum 15)

Reflects part of damage taken, mirroring it on attackers.

Damage Type: Physical

Reflect is a spell in Diablo I: Hellfire.

General InformationEdit

This skill allows the player to partially reflect Physical damage taken back at the enemy when activated.

It works much like Mana Shield, only the percentage of damage reduced is lower, and instead of absorbing the remaining damage to Mana, it returns absorbed physical damage back to attacker.

This skill is deactivated when the player changes levels in the labyrinth, or takes too many hits, but otherwise lasts infinitely.

Damage reflected is equal to damage absorbed; 20-29% of the initial hit damage. Blocked attacks and attacks fully absorbed by Mana Shield still count and will still return damage to the monster.

Reflect creates an armor icon that floats above the character's head. It can be cast together with Mana Shield.


  • Spell Level x Character Level hits (canceled if changing the dungeon level)


By nature, magic users are usually not gifted in physical skills such as hand-to-hand combat, focusing rather on mental discipline in order to further their understanding and control of mystic powers. However, even the most adept of mages often find themselves in great physical danger while exploring savage places searching for arcane knowledge. To compensate for this vulnerability, the Vizjerei developed a form of telekinetic magic that bends the force of a physical attack back onto the attackers. Aided by this reflective spell, even the meager melee combat skills of a mage can prove to be quite effective. An aggressive creature becomes the victim of not only the mage's blows, but also of its own.


Diablo 1 Hellfire spells Reflect (by Blessed)-2

Diablo 1 Hellfire spells Reflect (by Blessed)-2

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