Diablo casting Red Lightning Hose

The Red Lightning Hose is one of Diablo's signature attack in his incarnation from Diablo II. It is also known as Lightning Inferno. In Heroes of the Storm, it's known as Lightning Breath.

When using it, Diablo projects a stream of Lightning damage in a fashion much like the Sorceress' Inferno and the Druid's Arctic Blast. Unlike other spells used by monsters, it deals Physical and Lightning damage. Players caught in this deadly stream of Destruction must make haste to get out of its path (This can be difficult, as he will usually grab you directly after initiating the attack). Before Diablo initiates the attack, he raises his right hand in a manner similar to his Cold Touch attack, but his palm does not glow blue. Many new players know this attack as Diablo's most deadly skill. Players using shields can block the physical part of this attack.

This attack makes a return in Diablo III. It is seen in Phase 3 in the final duel against Diablo and, unlike the prequel; he takes a deep breath and launches a cone of lightning from his mouth.


In Hell difficulty, if you stand close enough to Diablo, his attack won't hit you because the damage originates past the character.

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