The Reconstructed Note is an optional quest that aids in completing the final quest in Hellfire, Na-Krul, much easier.

On each of the first three levels of the Demon Crypts, the player would find one Torn Note. When he/she had found all three, they would combine to the Reconstructed Note, which tells the player the best way to open the room to Na-Krul.

The Reconstructed Note reads:

"Whoever finds this scroll is charged with stopping the demonic creature that lies within these walls. My time is over. Even now, its hellish minions claw at the frail door behind which I hide.

I have hobbled the demon with arcane magic and encased it within great walls, but I fear that will not be enough.

The spells found in my three grimoires will provide you protected entrance to this domain, but only if cast in their proper sequence. The levers at the entryway will remove the barriers and free the demon; touch them not! Use only these spells to gain entry or his power may be too great for you to defeat.

You should then read the books in this order, to weaken the demon:

In spiritu sanctum.
Praedictum otium.
Efficio obitus ut inimicus.

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  • This quest will never show up in the quest log.
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