Inside the realm

The Realm of Shadow (a.k.a. the Shadow Realm) is a zone found in The Terminus in Act II of Diablo III.

In Campaign Mode, it can only be entered after activating both Shadow Locks in The Unknown Depths and The Storm Halls.

It is a dark plane filled with Shadow Vermin, Sand Dwellers and Wraiths. Inside, the Horadrim once hid the body of Zoltun Kulle that they could not destroy.

Visually, it is a generic Act II ruins dungeon, except for it is very dark, lit with dim red light, and constantly swept by black, sandstorm-like torrents of smoke. There are two portals inside, the second opening immediately after the player picks up the body.

In Adventure Mode, there is a chance to find a Cursed Chest in this realm, which will be guarded by Maghda herself.


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