“Belial's realm is a place of illusions; what appears to be the bosom of tranquility might be a dungeon that flays our minds' sense of reality. Escape seems impossible. An enticing fruit may prove rotten inside, exploding upon the bite with wriggling worms. Hallways and great staircases may double back on themselves or lead to abyssal drop-offs or impassable obstructions. Seductive maidens may turn to withered crones at the touch. Conversely, maggot-ridden, rotten-smelling meat may prove to be the most savory to taste. Walls and bottomless pits and stooped hags may prove to be nothing but illusion. Belial's laughter would echo each time it was revealed that we were the victim of such misdirection.”
-The testimony of Garvos[1]

The Realm of Lies is one of the seven realms of Hell, and the domain of Belial.

Insight into the nature of the realm has been gleaned from Vizjerei interrogators. When one first enters the realm, it would at first appear to be a paradise of beautiful growth and pleasure. However, as one enters deeper, they begin to realize that this beauty is merely bait, leading the individual into one trap or another. Thus, comes the realization that one's perception of reality has been twisted beyond repair—a realization that comes too late.[1]


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