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Rare Items are an item quality tier above Magic Items and below Unique, Set and Legendary items. Rare items are denoted by a yellow-colored name.

Like Magic Items, Rares have randomly selected magical attributes, but whereas Magic items generally have only one or two, Rare items have much more; up to 6 in some games. They are the highest tier where item attributes are completely randomized, even the name. Unlike Magic items, the name has no relationship to its attributes - the two words of the name instead come from a pool of possibilities determined by the item's type. 

Diablo II[]

Rare Item

A rare item in Diablo II. Note that it has seven attributes, this is because one of its suffixes is Light which boosts light radius and attack rating.

Rares in Diablo II can have 2 to 6 affixes. Affixes are selected by the game for Rare items in the same manner as Magic items. However, it randomly picks each one, with a 50/50 chance of it being a prefix or a suffix. One Rare item can't have more than 3 prefixes or 3 suffixes. (Jewels can only have two of each, instead of three). A single prefix or suffix can't be picked more than once. A Rare item cannot have more than one prefix or suffix from the same group (a set of prefixes or suffixes that have the same effect, in progressively larger amounts). This means you can't get two prefixes or two suffixes that do the same thing on one item. However, a prefix and a suffix with the same effect are possible.

Some Rare items can also be found socketed upon identifying them if they receive the Mechanic's prefix. Larzuk can also add a socket to a Rare. By either means, each Rare item may only have a single socket.

In Diablo II Classic, rare items were potentially some of the best items in the game. They are often overshadowed in the expansion due to the variety of powerful Rune Words and Unique Items, but particularly good rares can often compete with the best Uniques. 

Diablo III[]


A rare item in Diablo III

Rares in the third game can have four to six magical properties (four primary and two secondary at maximum), except that the extra damage or attack speed bonus guaranteed on off-hand items does not count against the total. Being socketed takes up one primary property, as with any other item quality in the game. Individual stat values at maximum level are in the same range as Magic Items, but lower than the range for Legendary Items. Rares are also not eligible to be Ancient, a special upgrade which improves most item stats, but is only available to Legendary tier items.

Although these items are rare at low character levels, as the name implies, they become more common as the player progresses. Rares are actually the most common item quality found when at the highest character level.

Salvage awards one Veiled Crystal from each Rare item.

Items of rare or lower quality do not require identification; all their properties are immediately visible and usable when they drop. Originally, they required identification like in the previous game, but with the evolution of itemization to make rares less significant at maximum level, and Legendary items easier to obtain, this was removed in Patch 2.0.1.

Diablo Immortal[]

Rare Items have been renamed to High Quality Equipment in Diablo Immortal. They grant 2 bonus attributes and 1 magic attribute. Additionally, they have

  • 1-2 Random Attributes
  • 1 Random Magic Attributes
  • 1 Legendary Gem Socket (primary equipment), or 1-3 Random Color Gem Sockets (secondary equipment)

Rare items are named in the format; (adjective) —(normal item type) —(trait). The adjective describes the bonus magic attribute, the trait describes the 2 bonus stats, and the item type describes the Normal Item it is based on.

Adjective Magic Attribute
Balanced Slow resistance increased by 8%.
Commanding Damage done by your summons increased by 4.0%.
Executioner's Damage increased 6.0% to enemies below 30% Life
Heartless Damage to enemies suffering loss of control increased by 10.0%.
Hearty Continual damage taken decreased by 8.0%.
Keen Attack Speed increased by 2%
Nullifying Primary Attack reduce enemy healing by 3%
Overwhelming Damage to full Life enemies increased by 10.0%
Purified Damage done to demons increased by 6.0%
Ruthless Damage done increased by 1.5% per nearby party member
Stalwart Block Chance increased by 2.0%
Trait Bonus Stats
Authority Willpower, Strength
Desire Vitality, Willpower
Grit Fortitude, Vitality
Need Fortitude, Willpower
Obsession Vitality, Strength
Terror Fortitude, Strength

For example, Executioner's Sash of Obsession is a sash enchanted with Vitality and Strength, along with 6.0% increased Damage to enemies below 30% Life.

Rare Item are also given as rewards for completing objectives in main quests, though in this case, they have unique names and tidbits of lore attached to them.

Diablo IV[]

Rare items return in Diablo IV.[1]


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