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Ranslor's Folly were supposed to be a seasonal (Season 2-exclusive) legendary bracers in Diablo III, available at character level 70. However, they did not appear in patch 2.1.2, Halo of Arlyse taking place of a Wizard-specific Seasonal item instead.

The unique affix, apparently, was supposed to make Energy Twister an effective Crowd Control skill. It is likely that pulling enemies in would count as Knockback.

Stats (Level 70)


Ranslor's Folly
Legendary Bracers

  • 366-421 Armor


  • Energy Twister periodically pulls in an enemy within 30 yards. An enemy can only be pulled in this way once every 5 seconds.
  • +5 Random Magic Properties

Ranslor, the chief crafter to the High Vizjerei, was concerned that the power contained within these bracers would prove too much for even the most seasoned warrior, so he scoured waterfront taverns for unfortunate souls to test them. After several catastrophic failures, he was so certain he had solved the problem he tried them himself. The bracers were found by his assistant in a pile of ash.

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