This article describes the Ranger build. For info on Ranger lore, see here.

The Ranger is a Paladin build, using Bows or Crossbows as a weapon (mostly crossbows). This build uses its Aura to increase damage, usually Fanaticism/Holy Shock/Holy Freeze or Conviction.

A popular weapon for this build is the Buriza-Do Kyanon, a unique crossbow with mods, primarily used to slow enemies down.

Though this build has a lot of style, it's hard to play: Paladins don't have a special attack on the left-click button and Paladins don't have any skills (apart from the Aura) that support ranged weapons (no multiple shots, no guided shots, no further bonuses). 

Many players use Widowmaker, allowing the wielder to use guided arrow, or a Witchwild String (usually upped) for its magic arrow attack.

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