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"Without him the wine is less sweet, the hearth less warm, and our blades less keen. Our blood brother is gone, but Bul-Kathos willing, we will meet again one day."

- Sorrowsong for Ramalandi(src)

Ramalandi was a native of Westmarch, and was associated with the Brotherhood of Armorers. He spent time with Barbarian smiths[1] where he forged a sword that would be his magnum opus. He was made a blood brother of the tribe(s).[2]

Ramalandi eventually returned home. To the Brotherhood, he declared that he had just one word for them..."sockets!"[1]

The Barbarians composed a Sorrowsong in Ramalandi's honor.[2]


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  • Ramaladni originally comes from the Warcraft universe, his name being an anagram of a warrior character Indalamar, who contributed greatly to the development of the game during beta. After beta, Indalamar was hired on by Blizzard Entertainment to be an item developer.