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Rain of Vengeance

Class: Demon Hunter (Diablo III)
Required Level: 30
Skill Category: Archery
Cooldown: 30 seconds

Fire a massive volley of arrows at a large area. Arrows fall from the sky dealing 1500% damage as Physical over 5 seconds to all enemies in the area.

Damage Type: Physical
Other Stats: Requires Ranged Weapon; Casting Delay: 1 second

Rain of Vengeance is an Archery Demon Hunter skill.


Bombards the targeted area (a circle with roughly 30 yard radius) with arrows, dealing Physical damage over time to all enemies below. Damage starts after a brief delay (roughly 1 second).


  • Dark Cloud: reduces area of effect to 8 yard radius, but makes it home at enemies, instantly moving to the closest target. Increases damage and duration to 3500% damage as Physical over 8 seconds.
  • Shade: damage type changes to Lightning, damage increases to 2800% over 5 seconds.
  • Stampede: instead of arrows, causes 10 Shadow Beasts to strike the ground below over 3 seconds, each knocking back enemies within 8 yards and dealing 4600% damage as Fire.
  • Anathema: instead of arrows, summons a single Shadow Beast that drops grenades from the sky. Total damage changes to 5800% damage as Fire over 2 seconds, but area radius decreases to 15 yards.
  • Flying Strike: instead of arrows, causes 8 Shadow Beasts to strike the ground below over 4 seconds, each freezing enemies within 8 yards for 2 seconds and dealing 3800% damage as Cold.

Non-rune enhancements[]

  • Crashing Rain (Legendary Belt): regardless of the rune, also summons a crashing beast that deals 3000-4000% damage within 30 yards with a 4 seconds delay, elemental damage type depends on the manually selected rune.
  • Hellcat Waistguard (Legendary Belt): Anathema grenades have a chance to bounce 3-5 times, dealing additional 50% damage on each bounce, increased to 800% on the final bounce.

Prior to patch 7.1.5, The Natalya's Vengeance set gave the following bonuses to Rain of Vengeance:

  • Natalya's Slayer (Set Hand Crossbow): increases damage done by Rain of Vengeance by 20-25%.
  • Natalya's Vengeance Set (Set Bonus for 2 items): remaining cooldown of the Rain of Vengeance reduces by 4 seconds for each successful damaging Hatred-spending or Hatred-generating attack.
  • Natalya's Vengeance Set (Set Bonus for 4 items): Rain of Vengeance deals +100% increased damage.
  • Natalya's Vengeance Set (Set Bonus for 6 items): after casting Rain of Vengeance, the Demon Hunter deals 14000% increased damage with all attacks and takes 60% less damage for 10 seconds.


This section contains facts and trivia relevant to this article.
  • The names of Dark Cloud and Shade runes may be a reference to the famous quote by Dienekes, who, upon being told that enemy arrows will blot out the sun like a dark cloud, replied that Spartans will fight in the shade then.