Raekor was the first female Barbarian warmaster.


Raekor lived during a time when the Barbarian tribes were in conflict with the Samuren Empire. During this conflict, Raekor liberated a fellow Barbarian named Joritz from a Samurenian labor camp. The two were later married—on the day of the wedding, Joritz gifted her with a magnificent brigadine.[1] At some point, Joritz suffered an untimely death; Raekor took his breeches as her own, and wore them for the rest of her life.[2]

Raekor continued to fight against the Samuren Empire. Loren, panep of the Samaurenian people, stated that he would crush the Barbarians beneath his boots. Raekor took great delight in ripping them from his cold, dead feet, and forever after, they were a symbol of Raekor's greatest triumph.[3]

Raekor fought in the sacking of the Samuren Empire's capital. During the battle, her commander fell. Raekor stripped his spaulders from his body and donned them herself as she led her tribe's warriors to victory.[4] Upon her being granted the status of warmaster, a set of ox-leather gloves were crafted for Raekor to commemorate her ascension to the position.[5]

Raekor's deeds sparked a change in Barbarian culture. Though Barbarian women were held in high regard as warriors, they were still seen as inferior to their male brethren on the field of battle. With Raekor achieving the status of warmaster, this attitude changed.[6]


Raekor is referenced in flavor lore of The Legacy of Raekor item set.


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