"Rumor holds that Archbishop Lazarus loosed a silent terror in the caves near Leoric's manor before he died. He labored for weeks over a group of unusually large spiders, and many of his servants quietly disappeared during this time....The largest creature led the others into the caves. None who have ventured there have returned."

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Queen Araneae, The Shadow Weaver, is a mid-Act boss monster in Diablo III. She is the queen of the spiders living in the Caverns of Araneae during the Trailing the Coven quest in Act I.

Upon entering the Chamber of Queen Araneae, players behold a woman trapped in a spider web, blocking the exit to the chamber. Approaching her will summon Araneae. Back track immediately into the centre of the chamber, otherwise you may be trapped up the steps against the web, with no ability to roll past Araneae when the fight commences.

The fight takes place in an oval cave, with small square pit in the middle. Note that this pit is impassable for the player, but counts as clear terrain for the spider queen, so circling kiting will not work for this fight.

600px-Queen araneae

Queen Araneae in game

During the fight, she will leave this area to hide (when she loses 25% and 50% of health), summoning her minions (five Brood Daughters) to fight you, returning when you kill those. The Queen attacks by either biting you or pouring poison (latter is a channeled attack), and can summon Plagued pools at will. Unlike common Toxic Lurkers, she may create more than one pool of venom at a time.

On Torment difficulty, Queen Araneae has no enrage timer.

After defeating the spider queen, Karyna tells you to use some of the venom from a nearby pool to release her. After doing so, she asks if you can "leave this terrible place".

Upon exiting the chamber, you find out that the mystic, whom you have freed, stole a staff from the khazra, and it might just be used to pass through Khazra fortifications.


The Spider Queen herself

Queen Araneae is a bounty in the game's Adventure Mode. However, killing her is much easier than getting to her, especially finding her cave in the Caverns of Araneae.[1]


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