Qual-Kehk is the Barbarian Mercenary Captain from Harrogath. He gives the player the Rescue on Mount Arreat quest and lets the player hire the Barbarian Warriors rescued, if the quest is completed. Additionally, he gives the player the runes Ral, Ort, and Tal, which, when put into a three socketed shield in that order, makes the runeword "Ancient's Pledge."

What became of him after the region around Mount Arreat was devastated when the Worldstone was destroyed is unknown.

Dialog (Diablo II)Edit

Introduction (General)Edit

"I am Qual-Kehk, the Senior Man-At-Arms of Harrogath. You have the look of a warrior.
An extra soldier would be useful, but don't expect anyone to mourn if you get yourself killed.
Baal is true to his namesake. He has ravaged through our lands like a merciless plague.
The protective ward laid down by our elders has helped hold the evil at bay, but Baal's siege has taken its toll all the same.
Most of my men are now dead. Others are trapped in the mountain passes. But I swear we are not beaten yet.
We will fight to the end to protect the mountain!

Introduction (Druid)Edit

"A Druid in Harrogath! Have things truly come to this? After the Mage Wars,
I assumed Druids would never be seen around here again. You take a great risk coming here!
To be honest, I have never been in comfort with your shape-shifting kind, but I do respect your search for balance and peace.
So, if you trust us enough to let you enter our gates, then I trust you enough to let you stay.

Introduction (Paladin)Edit

"A Paladin! I've long heard of your people. As a young warrior I even considered a pilgrimage to Kurast,
but I was younger then, and foolish.
My place has always been here, protecting Harrogath and Mount Arreat with it.

Gossip (General)Edit

  • "Baal's legions seems countless, but slaying their commanders takes some of the fight out of them."
  • "We have lost many well trained warriors to Baal's siege machines. Their range is great.
    Though, they are vulnerable if close the distance quickly enough.
  • "This is unlike any battle I have ever fought. While we ration food and water, the demon hordes
    feast nightly on the flesh and blood of our dead.
  • "Larzuk is a talented blacksmith, but his head is full of some strange ideas.
    Just the other day he came to me with a plan to break the siege. He wanted to fill
    large pipes exploding powders and steel balls, then...Well like I said, strange.
  • "The death of Malah's son was a great tragedy. He was our finest archer.
    While leading a successful campaign against Baal's forces, he was impaled on a demon's spear.
    The wound was such that...Well, even Malah herself acknowledges that quick death was a blessing.
  • "Early on, parties of our best scouts were ambushed by demons that spawned from the very air around them.
    Survivors often mentioned a strange creature floating in the distance.
    Perhaps taking it down could prevent some nasty surprises.

Gossip (Druid)Edit

"Harrogath has great need of your powers, noble Druid.
However, in the face of this supernatural onslaught,
are your natural powers up to the task?

Gossip (Paladin)Edit

"It would be an honor to have a warrior of the light,
fighting side by side with my men. I can see your faith give you great strength Paladin,
but don't expect to keep you out of harm's way.

Siege on HarrogathEdit

After Initiate:

  • "About to face Shenk the Overseer and stop the siege, are you?
    You should ask Malah to perform your last rites before you go, stranger.

Early Return:

  • "So, you still live... You're either quick, or a coward."

After Completion:

  • "So, you've managed to stop the siege. You're more powerful that
    I gave you credit for, you've rightfully earn my respect.

Rescue on Mount ArreatEdit

Quest Initiation:

  • "My concerns have turned to my men taken prisoner on the battlefield by Baal's demons.
    I hate to think what's happened to them. As you journey up the mountain keep your eyes open
    for my soldiers and bring them back to me if you can.

After Initiate:

  • "Those of my men fortunate enough to escape on their own.
    Told me that they were captive in the Highland in the Plateaus.

Early Return:

  • "They said that discretion, not procrastination. Is the better part of valor."

Half Complete:

  • "More of my men are still alive out there, I'm certain of it.
    Find them, free them from their cages and bring them back to me.

After Completion:

  • "Thank you for rescuing my men. They've spoken well of your bravery in battle.
    Perhaps there is hope for us after all. If you wish you may hire some of my mercenaries that you've saved.
    And please take this set of runes I've been saving them for a socketed shield but I think you'll make better use of them.
    Be sure to socket them in the right order for its fullest effect.

Prison of IceEdit

After Initiate:

  • "Anya's father, Aust, was our wisest elder. He was killed along with the other elders
    who erected a ward to protect the city. The ward has kept Baal's demons out of Harrogath but at the cost of their sacrifice.
    Nihlathak, on the other hand, was the only elder to escape the demons.
    Somehow he alone manage to find sanctuary while the others died around him, ever since that day Nihlathak and Anya have been at odds.

Early Return:

  • "It seems like everyone feel Nihlathak played a part in Anya's disappearance.
    Why would he do such a thing?

After Completion:

  • "The snake has slipped our grasp. While you were gone, Nihlathak disappeared.
    I'll bet Anya knows how to track him down.

Betrayal of HarrogathEdit

After Initiate:

  • "I saw Nihlathak leave town just before you found Anya, he must be held accountable for his criminal deeds.
    Find him and bring him back if you can, likely he won't come willingly
    and you'd be force to kill him... So be it.

Early Return:

  • "My advice is to go in quick, and hit hard. Nihlathak can't be half as tough as the beasts you faced out there."

After Completion:

  • "Nihlathak was a vile demon that shall find his home among the tortured minions of Hell!
    You battled the darkness without fear. I laud your skill and courage.

Rite of PassageEdit

After Initiate:

  • "The Ancients are not our enemies, remember that.
    They're our ancestors, our gods.

Early Return:

  • "I warned you, The Ancients are not like the demons you are accustomed to fighting."

After Completion:

  • "Every time I hear of you warrior, your deeds become more legendary.
    But take heed, you're approaching the very summit of Mount Arreat. I have never dared to enter there, it is sacred, our most holy place.
    The legends said that it is guarded by the ancients ones who block the path of all who are unworthy.
    Your reputation here does not matter, it will be the ancients who determine your worthiness, Good Luck.

Eve of DestructionEdit

After Initiate:

  • "Besting The Ancients in battle is a mighty feat indeed.
    I hope this means you're ready to battle Baal.

Early Return:

  • "You've ventured to a place beyond legend, you rush to face an evil few can even imagine.
    Be careful my friend, and may the light watch over you.

After Completion:

  • "The Destruction of the Worldstone does not bode well for our world,
    but I'll try not to worry. After all we have warriors like you fighting for our side, and for the light.

Quests (Diablo II)Edit

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The siege has ended, and Qual-Kehk is concerned about the Barbarians that have been captured by the demons. On your way up the mountain, free any you find imprisoned.


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Qual-Kehk serves as the Senior Man-At-Arms in Harrogath. As such, he offers players Barbarian Warriors once they complete the Rescue on Mount Arreat quest.

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