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"Ahhh, a new soul for the reaping..."

Purus the Decimator(src)

Purus the Decimator was a demon who made his lair in the Court of Madness on Bilefen. He was responsible for a corruption that was affecting the island before being defeated by a group of heroes.[1]


Purus is a boss encountered in Diablo Immortal. He is the subject of "The Demon's Lair" quest, and is the boss of the Court of Madness dungeon.[1]

Purus has a very large health pool, and sends waves of minions to attack the player, along with a directed attack.[2] In the second phase of the fight he mounts a horse.[3]


  • "Ahh, a new soul for the reaping..." (at the start of the fight)
  • "Face the legions of Hell."
  • "The never over..." (upon defeat)[4]


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