A Punisher

Punishers are a type of Reaper. They are the heavy shock troops of Malthael's forces.


Diablo IIIEdit


A Punisher as seen in-game

Punishers are found in Westmarch in Act V of Diablo III. Later on, they are replaced by Executioners, an empowered variant with similar abilities.

Punishers are slow but tough, and possess a very dangerous Stunning attack that can cause Knockback. From medium distance, they can also jump down at their victims, stunning everything in a radius of effect. Multiple Punishers, if encountered without precaution or if accompanied by other Reapers, can continuously keep the player stunlocked, making a character an easy prey. Punishers themselves are immune to Knockback.

After the player leaves Westmarch, they are no longer encountered.


Heroes of the StormEdit

Punishers appear in the Heroes of the Storm map Infernal Shrines.[1]


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