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The Protectors of the Word are a defunct Paladin order.


The First Crusade[]

The Protectors of the Word were created just prior to Rakkis's crusade against the West.[1] These holy warriors marched with the Sons of Rakkis, using their powers over the Light to smite their enemies. Marching into Aranoch and beyond, they fought against the likes of the Monks of Ivgorod and Barbarians. Of particular note were the Monks, for not only were these battles of martial prowess, but a clash of two very different faiths as well that, to this day, has never yet again truly been witnessed.

While neither Ivgorod nor the Northern Steppes were conquered, Entsteig, Khanduras, and the land that would be called Westmarch were successfully brought into the Zakarum faith.[2]

The Second Crusade[]