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"There is a matter which I hesitate to share, but I believe you are the only one who can help me now." - Malah

Prison of Ice is the third quest of Act V of Diablo II: Lord of Destruction.

It is initiated by talking to Malah after Rescue on Mount Arreat (quest) has been completed, or after the player enters the Crystalline Passage for the first time. Malah tasks the player with finding Anya, the missing daughter of the late elder Aust. The quest is completed after the player frees Anya. Upon returning to Harrogath, Malah rewards the player with a scroll that boosts Resistances. Additionally Anya gives the player a Rare Class-specific Item.

After this quest has been completed, Anya will provide gambling services as well as being a regular vendor. She replaces Nihlathak, who has gone missing...

Tips and additional information[edit | edit source]

Explore the Crystalline Passage and look for a passage leading to the Frozen River. Explore the river until the quest notification Notification.jpg pops up. It turns out Anya was trapped under the Frozen River by a freezing curse cast by Nihlathak.

Be careful of the unique Frozen Abyss guarding Anya, Frozenstein.

After speaking with Anya, the player should portal back to Harrogath and speak with Malah. She will then give the player a special potion that can be used to thaw and free Anya. Anya will then head back to the city.

The rewards for this quest are considered very useful, especially the Scroll of Resistance provided by Malah. The scroll adds +10% to all of the player's resistances - a total of three scrolls (permanent +30% resistances) for completing the quest on all difficulty levels. This may have been to help combat the doubled resist penalties for Nightmare and Hell; without it, it would have been very unforgiving.

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