Priest's Contemplations is a two-part tome in the first act of Diablo III. Both parts are needed to complete the achievement A Quick Study and they can be found in Wortham, near the docks. They were written by Verrall.

The parts read as follows:

  1. "One of the men retrieved a strange artifact in his nets. It looked like a hilt of an ancient blade, but I know it must be more. The fisherman argued with me, but I convinced him to leave it in the safety of the chapel. A holy place for a holy relic."
  2. "When the church of Zakarum sent me here, I assumed that my village would be simple and untroubled. To be honest, I was relieved. Corruption has struck down many a greater man than I, and such a quiet place could've been my salvation. But everything changed when disaster struck the Tristram Cathedral."
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