Pride of the Invoker are a Gloves piece of the Thorns of the Invoker set in Diablo III. They require character level 70 to drop.

Prior to patch 2.4, these gloves used to grant Critical Hit chance, but since Thorns do not benefit from those, this property was removed.

Stats (Level 70)Edit


Pride of the Invoker
Set Gloves

  • 513–590 Armor


Set Bonuses:

  • Thorns damage now hits all enemies in a 15 yard radius around the Crusader. Every time they hit an enemy with Punish, Slash, or block an attack, their Thorns damage is increased by 350% for 2 seconds (2 pieces)
  • Take 50% less damage for 20 seconds after casting Bombardment (4 pieces)
  • The attack speed of Punish and Slash are increased by 50%, and these skills deal 15000% of effective Thorns damage on the first enemy hit (6 pieces)
"My opponent’s hands were fast. She quickly cast aside my shield and plunged her dagger toward my heart. As my armor broke her blade, her surprised look was just the opening I needed." — Olenna's journal

Pre-2.4 description:

The gauntlets are etched with archaic Vizjerei runes used to summon and enslave the foul creatures of the Burning Hells.
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