Affixes and their meaningsEdit

A magic weapon generates with one or more magic properties. Each property has an associated prefix or suffix. Weapons with more than one property will always display both a prefix and suffix, but these may not describe all of their properties.

Each property gives a bonus to an attribute or value, determined by the affix. The bonus will be a randomly selected number within a specific number range. There are several tiers of affixes associated with certain properties, for example, Adventuring grants +1-8 bonus experience per monster kill, while Clever grants +9-16. Notice that the effect stays the same, but the range of values changes as it goes from one tier to the next.


Resource PrefixesEdit

Name Effect Items
Scouting (2-6)% better chance of finding magical items. Belt, Boots, Bracers, Chest Armor, Gloves, Helm, Mojo, Pants, Shield, Source
Lucky (1-10)% Bonus Gold from monsters. Belt, Boots, Gloves, Pants, Quiver, Shoulders
Adventuring Monster kills grant +(1-8) bonus experience. Belt, Ring, Shield, Weapon
Clever Monster kills grant +(9-16) bonus experience. Boots, Pants, Shoulders
Gathering Increase gold and health pickup by (2-3) yards. Bracers, Chest Armor, Shoulders
Mending Health Globes and Potions Grant +(10-54) Health Body Armor
Reptilian Regenerates (1-3) life per second. Belt, Chest Armor, Shoulders
Socketed Item has 1 or more gem sockets. Chest Armor, Helm, Pants, Shield, Weapon
Quick +(5)% Movement Speed Boots
Nimble +(6-7)% Movement Speed Boots
Bounding +(8-9)% Movement Speed Boots

Offensive PrefixesEdit

Name Effect Item
Crippling (1.2)% Chance to Slow on Hit Weapon
Keen Attack speed increased by (2-4)%. Amulet, Ring, Weapon
Iron Critical hit chance increased by (1)%. Amulet, Bracers, Mojo, Ring, Weapon
Vampiric (1.0-3.0)% of Damage Dealt Is Converted to Life Amulet, Belt, Ring, Weapon

Class Specific PrefixesEdit

Name Class Effect
Reckless Barbarian +(2) Maximum Fury
Steady Demon Hunter +(1) Maximum Discipline
Spiteful Demon Hunter Increases Hatred regeneration by (0.35-0.55) per sec.
Illuminating Monk Increases Spirit regeneration by (1.0-1.10) per sec.
Resonant Monk Gain (0.3) Life per Spirit spent
Bewitching Witch Doctor +(12-29) Maximum Mana
Infusing Witch Doctor Increases Mana Regen by * per second.
Foreboding Wizard Critical hits grant (1-4) Arcane Power
Sly Wizard +(1-3) Maximum Arcane Power
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