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Power Hungry Power Hungry
The Wizards deals 30% additional damage to enemies at least 30 yards away from themselves.

"It just doesn't sit right with me. Some of the things these so-called wizards do... They border on necromancy. Or worse! It's just not proper magic." —Venerable Sorcerer Fob Dunar

Power Hungry is a passive Wizard skill in Diablo III. It is unlocked at character level 10.

In effect, it is the direct opposite of Audacity, and synergizes well with Starfire.

The damage buff is multiplicative to other similar effects.

Damage boost applies at the moment of damage being inflicted, not upon cast (so one can cast damage over time spell and run away to boost it).

Distance is always calculated from the Wizard, so Hydra deals damage based on the distance from the character, not itself.


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Before patch 2.0, Power Hungry used to simply replenish 30 Arcane Power when healed by a health globe.

Before 2.4.2, it would instead make the health globes also remove the Arcane Power cost of the next spell cast, storing up to 10 charges. Nephalem Glory power globes did not add Power Hungry charges when picked up, but a charge was awarded even if the globe was picked by another player, as long as the Wizard received healing from it. Channeled skills remained free for as long as they were uninterrupted for 1 charge, not spend 1 charge per tick.