"Ha! I lured you here like lambs to the slaughter. Your souls shall fuel my power, making me a proper servant for Lord Malthael!"

5 Pontius c
Pontius, The Conjurer, is a Unique Dark Summoner found in the Westmarch Commons in Act V of Diablo III. He spawns for an unmarked event: as the Nephalem approarch, he kills a dozen of citizens and absorbs their souls.

In combat, he has Molten, Mortar and Reflects Damage affixes, and is assisted by multiple Reapers. He can also summon up to 2 Hellions at a time.

Upon death, he has a chance (or at least had such in beta) to transform into Pontius, Scourge of Malthael, a unique Punisher, with same affixes. The exact chance to transform is unknown: possibly depends on whether or not the Exorcists were killed before or after Pontius himself, or just if he manages to live long enough in battle.

Trivia Edit

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  • It is possible that Pontius is the preaching madman found in the Survivor's Enclave. Depending on the game randomizing factor, he may (or may not) appear at the same time as the said preacher mysteriously disappears along with his followers (and their gold).
  • As Pontius can summon Hellions, it is likely he is a former member of the Coven.


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