For the monster, see Plague Bearer.

Plague Bearer is a unique Rune Sword from Diablo II: Lord of Destruction.

Although its minimum damage is relatively lower compared to other unique swords, Plague Bearer's main strength lies in its poison damage.

Like its name implies, Plague Bearer causes an immense amount of poison damage. Of course, there are several problems with this; for one thing, if an enemy is immune to poison (as many enemies in Hell difficulty are), its effectiveness is greatly decreased. The poison damage is also dealt over a period of 8 seconds, and if poison is cured before 8 seconds, the full damage will not be inflicted.

However, Plague Bearer is meant to be used by druids that specialize in Shape Shifting Skills, in key, Rabies. The poison damage of Rabies is meant to stack with that of Plague Bearer, creating huge amounts of damage.



Plague Bearer
Rune Sword

One-Hand Damage: 35 To 150
Required Level: 41
Required Strength: 103
Required Dexterity: 79
Durability: 44
Sword Class - Fast Attack Speed
150% Enhanced Damage
Adds 10-45 Damage
+300 Poison Damage Over 8 Seconds
5% Chance To Cast Level 4 Poison Nova On Striking
Poison Resist +45%
+5 To Rabies (Druid Only)

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