Pit Lord (Diablo II)

Pit Lords are abysmal creatures formed from the molten surface of immense lava lakes by Diablo himself to guard the upper levels of the fiery underworld. In their terrible bluish nature, there is nothing but a sorrowful desire to inflict chaos wherever they tread. When encountering these Megademons, one must be ready, for they claim their trophies with a sharp-edged black blade of disastrous power and their breath, being combustible in every gasp, can suddenly ignite into a blistering blast of flame similar to an Inferno spell. They are also usually seen patrolling the City of the Damned and occasionally step into the River of Flame.


In Hell difficulty Pit Lords have following resistances to elemental and poison damages:

Cold: 50% Fire: 120% Poison: 75% Lightning: 75%

Fire Damage

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