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Piro Marella is a crafted Legendary Crusader Shield in Diablo III. It requires character level 70 to be used. 

This shield may be very useful for Crusaders who favor Shield Bash as a starting gear to prepare for higher difficulties.

Despite the Game Guide saying it has +8 random properties, it actually has +5.

Stats (Level 70)[]


Piro Marella
Legendary Crusader Shield

  • 1980 - 2277 Armor


  • +10.0 - 20.0% Chance to Block
  • [17000 - 19000]–[21000 - 25000] Block Amount
  • Reduces the Wrath cost of Shield Bash by 40% - 50%.
  • +5 Random Magic Properties

"I have shaped too much steel for the purpose of killing. I offer these shields in the hope that you will bring safety and mercy back to our world." — Mastersmith Oskar Iach on presenting the Alma Negra and the Piro Marella to Akkhan


To craft Piro Marella, one would need Plan: Piro Marella, as well as 64000 gold, 20 Reusable Parts, 20 Arcane Dust, 30 Veiled Crystals, Khanduran Rune and Arreat War Tapestry.

Prior to Patch 2.0.6., it also required one Woven Plate, obtained from unique Skeletal Shieldbearers.