Pindleskin was an undead Barbarian.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Centuries ago, when Rakkis invaded the Northern Steppes, he was driven back by the Barbarian tribes. The chieftain of the Bear Tribe was among Rakkis's victims.[1]

When Baal assaulted Mount Arreat, Pindleskin was pulled from the grave by the foul magic that permeated Baal's army. However, he was slain by a group of heroes.[2] Later, when Deckard Cain heard of the skeletal creature they encountered, he struggled to find details concerning what the creature actually was. He concluded that Pindleskin was most likely the same chieftain that was slain centuries ago.[1]

In-game[edit | edit source]

Unused color of Pindleskin

Pindleskin is encountered in Act V of Diablo II. is found in Nihlathak's Temple, reached through the red portal beside Anya in Harrogath. Pindleskin and his minions are always in the narrow temple that leads to the entrance to the Halls of Anguish.

Though his potential drops have been nerfed a bit since his v1.09 heyday, when he could drop any item in the game, Pindleskin is still one of the most popular "item run" monsters in the game, for his easy access and the fact that he can drop from very high treasure classes.

Pindleskin, along with all Defiled Warriors, got a substantial boost to the accuracy and damage for their charge attack in v1.10. This made him very dangerous to any character with less than 1000 hit points, especially when cursed.


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