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Entrance to the Pillaged Home

The Pillaged Home is a small area in the Fields of Misery in Act I of Diablo III

Bloody Chest as well as five Dead Villagers can be found inside. This area must be explored in order to complete the achievement No Stone Unturned. This area has no related quests or notable NPCs.



Inside the home

Players may start on the quest from Act 1, Chapter 5, Part 2. Teleport to the Cemetery of the Forsaken and head northwest through the gate that may appear closed. It will save a checkpoint upon entering the Fields of Misery which you can leave and resume from. It also may be bugged where you have to start from here or you will never find it.

A pillaged home is in the Sheltered Cottage area (rotates with Tinker's Hovel), in a little nook up north of the Fields of Misery and west of the road that leads to the Old Mill. A Savage Beast will come out of its door then it will be able to be seen. Usually there is a Beacon in front of the steps. You will most likely have to go up the little steps to get the event to trigger. There is a Bloody Chest inside and 5 bodies.