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Piercing is identical to the Amazon Skill Pierce; it gives a projectile the chance to pass through a target and continue on to hit a second target for full damage. Bonuses to Piercing stack with the Amazon's Pierce Skill. Numerous Unique Bows/Crossbows have 100% Piercing as a property and you can find +33% piercing on the Unique Belt Razortail as well.

Some skills like Bone Spear or Lightning always pierce through enemies they hit.

Diablo IIEdit

Items which add the Piercing characteristicEdit

Diablo IIIEdit

In Diablo III, many attacks have the piercing characteristic. This allows a single missile or beam to hit all enemies in line (or even in any other trajectory) instead of the first one that happens to be in its path. Most attacks pierce through enemies, regardless of their size and number, but often fail to penetrate solid walls and Waller affix barriers. A piercing attack usually does not diminish in power as it passes through multiple targets.

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