"Mysterious fonts of power that manipulate the flow of Essence, the fearsome-looking Phylacteries are only found in the hands of Rathma’s priesthood. Does this exclusivity somehow support a cosmic balance, as the necromancers often claim?"

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A Necromancer holding a phylactery

Phylacteries are a special type of off-hand items in Diablo III, only usable by Necromancers.


Phylacteries are mysterious objects that are only utilized by the Priests of Rathma.[1] The use of phylaccteries enhances their power over the dead.[2] In truth, the priests did not create phylacteries, but recovered them in the earliest days of their order.[3]

Diablo IIIEdit

Phylactieres are similar to Shrunken Heads from Diablo II. They may take forms of many unusual objects that enhance the power over the dead: hearts, enchanted vessels, scepters, sandglasses, metal charms or even bells. They may roll increased maximum Essence as secondary affixes.

Phylacteries cannot be transmogrified into any other item types.

Interestingly, there are not set phylacteries: the only Necromancer off-hand set item, Jesseth Skullshield, is a shield.


This section contains facts and trivia relevant to this article.
  • Like Wizards, Necromancers hold their Phylacteries with magic, instead of physically grasping it.
  • In fantasy, a phylactery is a mandatory attribute of a lich (undead wizard), holding its soul and binding it to the mortal realm.
  • In reality, a phylactery is a type of mystical charm.

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