For the island of the same name, see Philios.

Philios, according to legend, was a bold and powerful first-generation nephalem, who lived in the early days of Sanctuary. The angel Lycander felt drawn to him and the two fell in love.


When Lilith massacred Sanctuary's renegade angels and demons, Lycander fled back to Heaven, though maintained contact with Philios through an artifact in his possession called the Sightless Eye. However, she ended the romance after her fellow angels discovered she was communicating with someone outside Heaven, and insisted that Philios hide the Eye so that Heaven would not learn of Sanctuary's existence.

Philios grieved, but nonetheless obeyed, hiding the Eye on Skovos. He continued to adventure throughout Sanctuary and in time met the mortal woman Askarra. The two fell in love, and soon, Askarra gave birth to twin daughters.

Philios's daughters ended up retrieving the Eye and forming the basis for Askari society on the Skovos Isles. In the modern day, the island of Philios bares his namesake, and alongside Lycander, he remains at the core of Askari mythology.[1]


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