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Pest Problems is an event in Act V of Diablo III. It takes place in Vermin Alley, an event-specific dungeon off of Westmarch Heights, and a bounty is sometimes offered to complete it.

The event begins immediately upon entering the Alley, which turns sharply from east to north after a short distance. A stream of Plagued Vermin run from the far end to attack The Nephalem, in constant but not overwhelming numbers. Upon reaching a courtyard on the north side, it seems that several corpse piles are the source of the rats. Destroying them stops the flow of vermin but causes Sprynter, a unique Rat Caller, to burst out of a sewer manhole in the center of the courtyard and attack. Killing him ends the event, rewarding gold and experience.


  • Find the source of the rats
  • Destroy the Rat-Infested Corpses
  • Kill Sprynter