Penny for Your Troubles is a possible event in Briarthorn Cemetery, in the fifth act of Diablo III.

The quest is given by Penny Bartholomew, a departed spirit whose husband, Friedrich, has become undead and is unable to join her.

Start the event by smashing open Friedrich's sarcophagus after talking to Penny. The player must lay Friedrich to rest by destroying his undead form.

After defeating Friedrich, his spirit joins Penny as they prepare to depart to the afterlife. Unfortunately, this reunion is short-lived, for a Death Maiden by the name of Yomeeh shows up with other plans for the couple, declaring that all souls are forfeit to Malthael.

She turns Penny and Friedrich into Reapers and sends them after the player while also attacking. Only after Yomeeh and the Reapers are dead does the event end.


Originally, this event featured Penny Lootbottoms.


  1. Kill Friedrich Bartholomew
  2. Talk to Penny Bartholomew
  3. Kill Yomeeh
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